Educational Outcomes

2010 ISV habitat survey smSkills gained by youth:

  • teamwork and leadership
  • natural environment restoration & monitoring
  • sustainable design and sustainable living
  • practical tool use
  • bushwalking, canoeing and cycling
  • organic gardening and sustainable farming

The Crossing provides a hands-on learning experience with skills that link to syllabus educational outcomes:

Secondary Curriculum Links

  • Science – human impacts on ecosystems, conservation & resource protection
  • Biology – ecosystem study and threatened species survey
  • Geography – ecosystems at risk survey and navigation
  • Earth and Environmental Science – water issues and sustainable design
  • Food Technology – organic food for health and group meals
  • PDHPE – outdoor recreation
  • Society and Culture – conserver/sustainer communities and sense of place
  • Tourism – events and guiding.

Tertiary Course Links
Students enrolled in the following areas of study could expect to gain valuable practical and design experience at The Crossing:

  • Certificate 2-4 Outdoor Recreation: Adventure Based learning, Interpretation, Flora, Fauna and Landscape Interpretation, Marine Environments Interpretation, Tour Guiding, Youth Service Delivery, Youth Orientation
  • Certificate 2-4 Tourism and Hospitality: Guiding, Tour Operations, Safe Food Handling, Meetings and Events, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, General Administration, Hygiene, Health, Safety and Security.
  • Certificate 2-4 Land and Conservation Management: Natural Area Restoration, Erosion and sediment control, observing and reporting plants and animals, constructing access tracks, inspections of designated areas, sampling and water testing, monitoring biodiversity, wildfire hazard reduction.
  • Certificate 2-4 Community Services: Promotion and Support, Recruiting and supporting volunteers, Safe food hygiene, Ethical understandings, group activies, positive learning, cooperative behaviour.
  • Certificate 2-4 Business Studies: Environmental Work Practices, Training and Assessment, OHS, advertising, communication and effective teamwork.
  • Certificate 2-4 Permaculture Design: Course unit owned by private provider Permaculture International
  • Bachelor Degrees in Outdoor Education, Eco Tourism, Social Ecology, Natural Resource Management, Community Development, Environmental Law.