Threatened Species

Large trees provide valuable habitat to a range of threatened species.

The Crossing Threatened Species Habitats

Preferred Feed Trees
Woollybutt (E. longifolia), Monkey Gum (E. cypellocarpa), White Stringybark (E. gIoboidea) and Coastal Grey Box (E.bosistoana) are preferred koala browse species in the area. These species are present on the property, though in small numbers. Yertchuck (E. consideniana) is also a food source and large numbers of this species are present on the property. Ribbon or Manna Gum (E. viminalis) is also considered a primary koala feed tree; but only when growing on fertile soils. This species along with Blue Gum (E.maidenii) has been recorded on the creek bank soils.

Young Trees
In the forest, the young age of some trees limits the availability of large hollows for the larger possums and gliders, such as the greater glider (Petaurus volans). However, large hollow-dependent animals such as the glossy tailed black cockatoo have been seen feeding on the property and a family of yellow-bellied gliders (Petaurus australis) are present as well as the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula).

Smaller hollow-using species such as sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) and feather-tailed gliders (Acrobates pygmaeus) have also been recorded on the property, and the value of the forest to hollow-dependent species is improving with time. Small hollows in younger trees and fire-damaged trees are valuable for the many insectivorous bats present in the forest.  Grey headed flying foxes have also been seen on the property.

The River Flats
On the river flats there are a few large old grey and blue box which appear to have escaped the original clearing of the Property, and these may carry hollows of use to larger species of possums and gliders such as the greater glider.  Grey kangaroos also use the flats and swamp wallabies are seen at the edges of the forest grazing on shrubs near the education centre.

The River Nocturne
Most of these animals including a range of owls have been seen and heard at night as they are nocturnal.