The Crossing Permaculture Camp 2015

Young people start ‘journeys to sustainability’ at The Crossing, a not-for-profit permaculture camp.  The sustainable design of the camp is the direct result of help from over 2000 young volunteers over 17 years. A one group, one class camp The Continue reading The Crossing Permaculture Camp 2015

Beekeeping at The Crossing with River Cottage Australia 2015

Beekeeping at The Crossing is Natural Beekeeping.  Adrian Iodice manages our hives and offers weekend workshops at The Crossing on a few occasions each year.  A last chance to bee involved for 2015 is this weekend 14 to 15 November.  Continue reading Beekeeping at The Crossing with River Cottage Australia 2015

Champagne Permaculture Design

John Champagne Permaculture Course at The Crossing

A Champagne Permaculture Design Course is held at The Crossing every Easter school holidays. Permaculture is all about smart and efficient or sustainable design.  Much thought is given to placement of elements in a permaculture design in order to generate Continue reading Champagne Permaculture Design

International Conservation Projects

Coastal Conservation Education on Pacific Discovery 2015. Tertiary environmental education with The Crossing

International conservation projects at The Crossing with students from Canada, USA and other countries. Pacific Discovery programs at The Crossing involve hands-on education for sustainable design and conservation. Students usually spend a week on international conservation projects with The Crossing.  Continue reading International Conservation Projects