The Crossing Permaculture Camp 2015

Young people start ‘journeys to sustainability’ at The Crossing, a not-for-profit permaculture camp.  The sustainable design of the camp is the direct result of help from over 2000 young volunteers over 17 years.

A one group, one class camp

The Crossing is a unique not for profit camp designed for high school and college groups.  The camp takes one class at a time on a program that can go from 4 to 10 days.  Everyone contributes in the program journey to make it a great learning experience.

A permaculture camp

In establishing The Crossing the founders decided to design a camp to show clearly that conservation is not just what you do to repair and protect the natural environment, it’s also about what you use.  A Permaculture design approach makes The Crossing efficient in the use of its resources.  Permaculture at The Crossing is part of a holistic approach to conservation.

An International camp

International students visit The Crossing over 6 weeks of the year and do a range of conservation project tasks and activities.  Permaculture design and permaculture ethics and principles shape the outcomes.

Vacancies for new schools or university groups at The Crossing

Limited vacancies are available in 2016/17 for new groups in May and September