Natural Beekeeping

Weekend natural beekeeping camp workshop for the young at heart

Natural beekeeping methods as seen on River Cottage Australia with Kenyan top bar hives.  Sustainable, organic and biodynamic principles for bee care.

This course is designed for the backyard beekeeper seeking an alternative natural approach to standard commercial style beekeeping.  Learn the skills required to catch and relocate a swarm and how to care for a colony in your own backyard.

natural beekeeping with Adrian Iodice as seen on River Cottage Australia
Adrian Iodice – Natural beekeeping, as seen on River Cottage Australia

The difference between conventional beekeeping and natural beekeeping is like the difference between a monoculture farm producing maximum crops versus a diverse biodynamic or permaculture garden.

Natural beekeeping is a gentler bee-friendly approach that prioritizes care for the bees, allowing them to build natural honey comb and to harvest only when sufficient honey is available. This results in healthy bees and delicious raw honey!

Rather than a focus on ‘taking from’ the bees, natural beekeeping is about ‘giving back.’

‘In a conventional beehive the constant taking of honey means the bees think they are constantly under attack. With natural beekeeping and less emphasis on taking honey the bees are working but they’re doing different jobs – cleaning the hives, washing the walls and landing boards, scouts are out looking’.  The bees can start to relax and enjoy being bees.  ‘Its not just about the honey.’

Saturday 10.00am-4.30pm, dinner 5.30pm Screening bee documentary 7pm Sunday 10.00am-3.00pm

Course Leader: Adrian Iodice with Tobias Mager.

Tobias Mager first built and introduced the ‘Golden hive’ into Australia in 2012. Tobias has been a professional bio-dynamic gardener for most of his adult life, both in Australia and abroad. He is a very passionate beekeeper and has worked closely with bees for 30 years.  The Golden hive was developed by Thomas Radetzki, the Master beekeeper at ‘Mellifera’ in southern Germany, where Tobias studied.  He lives at Warburton in Victoria.

Adrian Iodice has a deep passion for natural sustainable bee care. He started beekeeping with conventional Langstroth hives and began experimenting with various hive designs in 2010. In 2012 Adrian studied bio-dynamic beekeeping at ‘Mellifera Centre for Organic Beekeeping’ in Rosenfeld, southern Germany. He came to the conclusion that the ‘Kenyan top bar hive’ is better suited to his needs.  He feels that every ‘backyard beekeeper’ should consider hive design and the well-being of their bees. Adrian teaches natural, sustainable beekeeping in ‘Kenyan top bar hives’ at ‘The Crossing Land Education Centre’ in Bermagui on the far south coast of NSW and at the ‘Biodynamic Community Gardens’ in Warranwood, Victoria. Adrian is passionate about natural, sustainable, bio-dynamic beekeeping and is currently co-creating a bee sanctuary on his farm in the Bega Valley (southern NSW) where he tends and manages 5 different styles of hive and will continue monitoring their outcomes.

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