Natural Beekeeping Workshops


Natural Beekeeping weekend workshops for adults and youth

Sustainable, organic and biodynamic principles for bee care with Kenyan top bar hives (as seen on River Cottage Australia).

This natural beekeeping course is designed for the backyard beekeeper.   The course offers an alternative approach to standard commercial style beekeeping.

Learn the skills required to catch and relocate a swarm and how to care for a bee colony in your own backyard.  Look at different hive designs and their benefits for the backyard beekeeper.  Bee equipment and a multitude of resources and short films are included in the workshop to assist your understanding of bee ecology.

The course leader, Adrian Iodice has assisted Paul West from River Cottage Australia to manage a successful hive using natural beekeeping methods.  Paul chose the kenyan top bar hive as the most suitable method for his farm.

This natural beekeeping weekend workshop will help you become confident in the management of your own hive.  The advantages of hive design to suit your needs will also become clear.  Tobias Mager a biodynamic beekeeper also joins Adrian in teaching this course.

Saturday 10.00am-4.30pm, dinner 5.30pm
Screening bee documentary 7pm
Sunday 10.00am-3.00pm

Course Leader: Adrian Iodice

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