Landcare and conservation

Landcare and conservation

Young people at The Crossing have planted 15,000 trees for Landcare since 2011.  These plantings link the coastal National Parks of Gulaga and Biamanga.  The tree plantings also improve river quality for oyster growers downstream.

The Crossing is a member of the  Far South Coast Landcare Association.  Crossing Landcare and conservation work is supported by Local Land Services, Bega Valley Shire Council, the Australian Government and the Weiland family who own the “Woodville” property opposite The Crossing.

The founders of the Crossing, Dean and Annette Turner, have received a Far South Coast Landcare Association Award for their Landcare and conservation work with young people.  Their Golden Wombat award is ‘in recognition of outstanding leadership and commitment to educating young people and the community‘.


Connecting and surveying habitat to protect threatened species are key aims of The Trust.  Sustainability education is also important.

The Crossing property is permanently protected by a Conservation Agreement with National Parks and Wildlife.  The agreement was established in 2006 and applies to over 90 percent of the property.  All threatened species listed for the region have been sighted or heard on the Crossing.


The Crossing is a registered ‘Australian Environmental Organization’ and tax deductible gifts to The Trust help us to achieve our landcare and education aims.

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