July Grafting Workshop

Master grafter Neil Barraclough at work

Book for the 2017 Grafting Day at The Crossing, 11am, Sunday, July 30. Apples, Pears and Plums will be the focus of the day.  Bring a grafting knife and grafting tape (if you have them please also bring named varieties of scion and rootstocks to share with others).  Neil Barraclough will have rootstocks and an extensive variety of scion to purchase and graft and a few spare grafting knives.  If you have never grafted before, then this is a chance to learn. If you already know how then this is a great opportunity to get scion and rootstock. We will also be learning about root stock propagation and starting a rootstock bed at The Crossing to support future grafting days.

The $40 workshop includes a hot lunch and one free grafted root stock (registration half price for students and other concession card holders).   Each tree grafted will cost $10 and scion $2.  Neil’s data base will also allow you to match vigours, allowing more than one variety to be grafted onto a single root stock without unbalancing the tree.  All funds raised go to The Crossing.  Please book soon here  so we can estimate numbers.