July Grafting Workshop

If you have never grafted before, then this is a chance to learn. If you already know how, then this is a great opportunity to get scion and rootstock.

Bring a plate of food for a shared lunch. Tea and coffee will be available.

Bring named varieties of scion to share with others if you have them – keep them cool in plastic bags in your fridge once you cut them off your favourite varieties – about as long as your hand with about 6 or so buds on them – these can be swapped with others who have brought their own or can be donated to the fundraiser.  You could also bring small trees you would like to graft new varieties onto.

Bring a grafting knife and grafting tape if you have them, otherwise we will have some to share.

There is a $25 booking fee for attendance to the 11am till 3pm workshop on Sunday, August 12 with a limit of 20 people.

Apples, Pears and Plums will be the focus of the day but some other fruit tree scion and rootstock will also be available. Each rootstock will cost $15. The Heritage and Rare Fruits data base will also allow you to match vigours. This allows more than one variety to be grafted onto a single rootstock without unbalancing the tree giving you a variety of fruit over a longer season. Limited rootstocks are available but you can also take scion (for $5 each) home to graft onto your existing fruit trees.

All funds raised go to The Crossing.

Bookings must be made by the last week of July.

Please book soon here so we can estimate numbers.