July fruit tree grafting day at The Crossing

Master grafter Neil Barraclough at work
Mater grafter Neil Barraclough at work

A fruit tree grafting day will be held at The Crossing on Thursday 28 July thanks to the help of Neil Barraclough, an heirloom and heritage fruit grower from Gippsland.  Neil has worked for The Diggers Club and is well known for the facebook pages he has started including: Heritage and Rare Fruits Victoria, Heritage and Rare Fruits NSW and Simple Sustainable Innovations.

Facebook Groups

https://www.facebook.com/groups/HeritageAndRareFruitNSW/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/sustainable.innovations/

Workshop registration of $20 is needed by the end of May so that we know how much rootstock to order for the Thursday July 28 Workshop (Book Here). Please bring your own labelled scion and rootstocks to share/swap/barter if you have any.  Each grafted tree will cost $10 on the day and all funds raised will go towards The Crossing.  Please indicate on enrollment how many rootstocks you may wish to purchase.