Easter Permaculture Design @thecrossingland

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A Permaculture Design Certificate is a lifetime investment.  It’s the sort of 2 week fully-immersive course that you walk away from with new eyes, as if a veil has lifted. After leaving my first PDC I remember being stunned at how most people face their house the wrong way and give little thought to seasonal winds; it blew me away, and them, literally!

John Champagne from Brogo Permaculture Gardens has been coordinating an Easter PDC at The Crossing now for over 10 years.  John has been acknowledged by his peers with an elders award for Permaculture. He has worked in many countries and has spent most of his life mastering temperate and cold climate zone design as well as many stints in the tropics over more recent years.  He knows all the major designers well and involves many permaculture teachers in his courses.  He also packs in three days of visits to the most excellent designs in the region as part of his course.

John’s course is not on-line and that’s why it’s so good.  It’s hands-on with peer learning and a heap of different teachers to ensure that every learning style is catered for.  The price is very reasonable for  Australian courses, the food and teaching is excellent and word of mouth does the rest.

If you have ever thought that you might do a PDC one day then perhaps it is time to invest in yourself.  You will leave with a stack of ideas and some real confidence in design.  If you are in a career and looking for a next step then this will help you design it, onto a healthier and sustainable path.  To book a place on the next Easter PDC @thecrossingland go to Brogo Permaculture Gardens