The Crossing Bermagui

‘Supporting young leaders on journeys to sustainability’

The Crossing is a not-for-profit, environment education camp on the ‘NSW Far South Coast’, also known as ‘the Wilderness Coast’, near Bermagui, NSW, Australia. We help young people put sustainability into action to protect and enhance the natural environment.

A specialist camp for groups up to 30 on the edge of farm, tide and forest.  Our focus is youth but we also run some adult and multi-age courses.


The Crossing has Deductible Gift Recipient status and is on the Australian Register of Environmental Organisations.  The Crossing is also a member group of The Far South Coast Landcare Association and South East Producers.

Sustainable design and permaculture design at The Crossing includes renewable energy, water conservation, and second-use materials.  Educational activities at The Crossing incorporate landcare, sustainable farming, organic gardening and conservation survey.  Outdoor education journeys with The Crossing involve hiking, canoeing and mountain biking.

Biamanga National Park adjoins the camp and The Crossing has the support of aboriginal owners for camping and research in the Park. 

The camp is a traditional crossing place on the Bermagui River.  Young people continue to make a crossing here; learning ways to contribute to the environment & community,  crossing into adulthood!

Our biggest journey from Sea to Snow is open to Year 9 to Year 11 students, crossing all altitudes in Australia.

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